21st IMC


I.        General regulations

1.       21st Century Medicine – International Medical Congress for Students and Young Doctors, further named a Congress, is a forum designated as both the exchange of knowledge and scientific experience and a competition among students and young medical scientists.

2.       The Congress will be held on the 7th of April 2018 in Medical University of Lublin in Poland.

3.       The Congress is organized by thChair and Department of Epidemiology and Clinical Research Methodology MUL and Young Medics Organization (member of EMSA) together with the partners.

4.       All students from medical, pharmaceutical, paramedical, psychological, social, biological, chemical and other faculties associated with medicine can become participants of the Congress. We also invite Young Doctors to participate, for whom we have prepared separate scientific sessions.

II.      The conditions of participation

1.       The circumstances under which a person can become either passive or active participant of the Congress is to fulfil all the requirements stated below:

a)       Online registration

b)       Receiving of a confirmation email from organizers of the Congress. In case you don’t receive the confirmation within 72 hours you may have to contact us by e-mail on address: 21stimclublin@gmail.com

c)       Payment of the registration fee between the 18th of February and the 19th of March 2018 . In case of no payment a registered participant will be deleted from the list of participants of Congress and informed by an email.

2.       There are two forms of participation:
a) passive participant - a person that fulfilled all of the abovementioned requirements, will receive a certificate of participation in the Congress along with booklets and gadgets. All workshops and integrational meeting are included in the fee. Co-author of the paper, who is not presenting is also called a passive participant.

b) active participant – a person that fulfilled all of the abovementioned requirements will have a chance to present his/her paper as a PowerPoint presentation or a science poster (A1 format). You will receive a certificate of participation in the Congress, certificate of presentation along with booklets and gadgets. All workshops and integrational meeting are included in the fee.

3.       Maximal number of 5 authors per paper is allowed. The supervisor of the paper should be stated separately. One of the authors will orally present the subject of their topic using Power Point presentation/science poster. Only one author is allowed to present a paper, while all the authors may take part in the discussion. It is required, that all papers have a science supervisor from a university.

4.       The application is considered as accepted/rejected when the participant receives an email with the decision. Otherwise you have to contact the organizers in 7 day notice to resolve the problem of the delay.

III.    Rules of the Conference

1.       The deadline for registration is 11th of March 2018. After this date the registration won’t be possible, unless stated otherwise.

2.       Organizers arrange a schedule of the Conference and they have a right to apply changes. A detailed conference program will be available on the website 21stimc.host.umlub.pl on 1st April and it is indicative. The hours may be changed, so the active participants should appear at the beginning of each session. Delays resulting from random situations will be evaluated individually by the scientific committee.

3.       Organizers are not responsible for the belongings of participants that might be lost, destroyed or stolen during the Conference.

4.       Participants are fully responsible for any damage they cause during the Congress.

5.       Participants are fully responsible for all the content and information presented, for example the logo, advertisements, banners, stands, roll-ups, presentations etc. Participants are also fully responsible for all the statements delivered during presentations.

6.       Participants are obligated to obey the safety rules, as well as instructions and organizational/technical advices issued by the organizers.

IV.    Payments

1.       The rule of participation is to pay a registration fee from the 18th of February to the 19th of March 2018. After this date payment will not be accepted.

2.       Transfer data:

                   Account number:

PLN: 94 1020 3147 0000 8002 0084 6238

EUR: PL 50 1020 3147 0000 8202 0084 6253 SWIFT: BPKOPLPW

Medical University of Lublin

Racławickie 1

20-059 Lublin

Please title the transfer: 21stIMC_Name_Surname

3.       Registration fee is 120 PLN (30 EUR) for active participants and 100 PLN (25 EUR) for passive participants.

4.       Conference fee allows the participants to prepare and share with the audience a maximum of two papers.

5.       In case the participant would want to present more than two scientific papers, an additional payment is occurs in the amount of 50 PLN for each subsequent paper.

V.      Cancellation of participation

1.       Cancellation of participation can be announced only by contacting the organizers by email on the address: 21stimclublin@gmail.com

2.       Registration fees and other payments will not be reimbursed.

VI.    Abstract guidelines

1.       The deadline for abstracts submission is the 11th of March 2018. Submissions received after this deadline will not be considered.

2.       Title:

a)       The title should not exceed 30 words. It should contain the type of study you carried out (e.g. review, retrospective study, controlled prospective trial) as well as the main findings of your research.

3.       Abstract:

a)       Abstracts must include the names of the author, co-authors and tutor.

b)       All abstracts should be written in English.

c)        The abstract should not exceed 300 words excluding the title, authors, headlines.

d)       Abstracts for Original Papers and Poster sessions will should consist of 6 parts: Introduction, Aim, Material and Methods, Results, Conclusion and Keywords (2-4).

e)       Abstracts for Case Report session should consist of 4 parts: Background, Case report, Conclusions, Keywords (2-4).

f)        If abbreviations are used they must be declared on first use - e.g. body-mass index (BMI).

g)       All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. It maintains the right to reject any abstract that does NOT meet the requirements or is in violation of them, to change the form of presented abstracts and to transfer them to another session.


VII.  Principles and forms of presentations

1.       Poster

a)       The Presenter has 7 minutes for the presentation in the poster session and 3 minutes for questions from the judges and the audience.

b)       The poster must be A1 size (594mm x 841mm).

c)        Please note that we cannot offer to print your poster during the Congress.

d)       Make sure you state your name and the name of your university on the poster.

2.       Original Work – oral presentation

a)       The Presenter has 7 minutes for the presentation in the oral session and 3 minutes for questions from the judges and the audience.

3.       Case report – oral presentation

a)       The Presenter has 5 minutes for the presentation in the case report session and 3 minutes for questions from the judges and the audience.

4.       The number of slides is not limited, but we advise the speakers to use maximum of 15 slides. The committee will deduct points for exceeding the time and has right to stop you after 7 (or 5) minutes.

5.       The presentation should be sent to the appropriate session coordinator, before the 3rd of April. All animations and sound files are attached by the authors at their own responsibility. We cannot guarantee that formats other than MS PowerPoint (.ppt) and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (.pdf) will work on our computers. Please send your presentation in both formats: .ppt and .pdf and for safety bring it with you on the USB-Drive. We are not responsible for the lack of the presentation that are sent after the deadline.

6.       Please use the following file naming algorithm: name_surname_name of the session_ tittle.ppt - e.g anna_nowak_benefits of vitamin C supplementation.ppt

7.       Make sure your name and your university’s logo are visible on your presentation.

VIII.Please note that all presentations will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee. Points will be given for:

1.       Contents

2.       Presentation style and the involvement of the audience

3.       Visual effects and clarity of presentation (aim, hypothesis, results, conclusion and significance of presented work)

4.       Time adherence

5.       Ability to answer follow-up questions

IX.     The best presentations will be rewarded and prizes will be given during the closing ceremony.

X.       The language of presentation is either English or Polish.

1.       You can choose only one of the two languages.

2.       Remember that the selected language cannot be changed during the conference.

3.       The discussion will be performed in the same language as the presentation.


XI.     Personal data protection

1.       Participant of the Conference is obligated to assent for processing of personal data for the need of Conference( according to the Legal Law about personal data protection from 29.08.1997 ; the abstract : Dz. U. z 2002r. Nr 101, poz. 926 ze zm.).

2.       Participant of the Conference is obligated to assent for processing of personal data and image on Facebook and conference website.

XII.   All disputable issues not included in the regulations will be resolved by the organizing committee.

XIII.  Important dates:

11th of March 2018 Registration Deadline
11th  March 2018 Abstract Submission Deadline
14 th March 2018 Notification of the Accepted Abstracts
18 th February 2018 Conference Fee Payment Opening
19 th March 2018 Conference Fee Payment Deadline
26 th March - 4 th April 2018  Each participant must send the presentation by e-mail
7 th April 2018 – 21st Century Medicine – International Medical Congress for Students and Young Doctors in Medical University of Lublin