21st IMC


Please note that citizens of some countries outside the European Union need to have a visa to enter the Republic of Poland. All of the documents that are needed to proceed the visa must be submitted by the participant in person. On your request, to facilitate the process of obtaining visa, we may send you an official invitation letter (electronic and paper version). The legal procedures may last up to one month. Therefore, we encourage you to submit the invitation letter form as soon as possible (even before the registration for passive participants). 
However, due to legal regulations if, after sending an invitation letter, you do not register to attend the congress we will have to inform the consulate that you are not a participant of the 21st Century Medicine. 
Should you have any questions or problems regarding visas, do not hesitate to contact with us immediately: 21stIMClublin@gmail.com
Please note that the organizing committee will not cover any expenses connected with the visa application process. 
1. Check (on the list below) if citizens of your country need a visa to enter the Republic of Poland
2. Enter http://www.msz.gov.pl/en/p/msz_en/travel_to_poland/polands_missions_abroad/polish_missions_abroad and find the nearest consulate. 
3. Check on the website of the consulate the exact visa requirements for citizens of your country.
4. Submit the Invitation Letter form section „Participation>Invitation letter”
5. Submit your visa application form in the closest consulate.


21st Century Medicine –  Medical Congress
for Students and Young Doctors 
Medical University of Lublin

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