21st IMC


Place of the conference:

Medical University of Lublin 

Collegium Maius and Collegium Anatomicum

K. Jaczewskiego 4 Street

20-090 Lublin


How to reach this location ?

Public transport :

1) From Main Bus Station (Dworzec Główny PKS) on Aleje Tysiąclecia 6 Street :

    - Bus number 47 - get off on Jaczewskiego bus stop

    - Bus number 29 -get off on Prusa bus stop

    - Trolley-bus number 156, 160 (from Probostwo Street, 100m next to Main Bus Station) -  get off on Jaczewskiego bus stop.


2) From Main-Rail Station (Dworzec Główny PKP) on plac Dworcowy (suggested routes):

    - Bus number 34 - get off on Main Bus Station and then take one from 1)

    - Trolley-bus number 161 - get off on Plac Bychawski bus stop, and then take trolley-bus number 160 - get off on Jaczewskiego bus stop.


We suggest You to download mobile app with timetables, (mobileMPK for Android and go2stop for iOS) on Your mobile device.


21st Century Medicine –
International Medical Congress
for Students and Young Doctors 
Medical University of Lublin


The organization of Young Medics - EMSA Lublin, invites you to participate in the fourth edition
of the 21st Century Medicine Conference - International Medical Congress for Students and Young Doctors,
which will take place on 06/04/2019 in Lublin.
The idea of this meeting is to present scientific achievements in the field of medical and natural sciences
by students and PhD students from both Poland and other countries. The conference is a great opportunity
to exchange ideas and views of young scientists and will enable them to gain practical skills through
participation in workshops and lectures.